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Bound & Belligerent Episode II: Tickling

Bound & Belligerent Episode II: Tickle Jasmine remains stuck in the dungeon with Master O, after carelessly answering an ad for a Fetish Bondage scene. She stands nude with no ability to use her hands or maneuver a strategically attached Hitachi wand. She is tickled and teased to an unbearable point of pain and pleasure; does she cum or go?

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Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine

play-button 06:19

Bound & Belligerent Episode I: Edging

Bound & Belligerent Episode I: Edging Jasmine answers an ad for a Fetish Bondage scene, but unbeknownst to her it calls for her being bound and teased by dungeon douche Master O. She tries everything from charming to chastising her captive with the hopes of being either released or pleasured.

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Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine

play-button 41:10

Wrapsody In Kink

Aqua's request for bondage play with Saran Wrap gets Jasmine's personalized Fetish Training touch! Before meeting her need to be wrapped tight, Jasmine makes her senses soar with spanks & strokes from some of her favorite toys. Once her body is warm and tingling, she is delicately wrapped & teased in Saran Wrap raising her temperature while restricting her movement; leaving her body to be smacked, choked, fondled and waxed by the Queen of Kink!

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Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine

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King And Jas Personal Sex Tape: Oral POV

Amazing what you can find cleaning out Jasmine's phone! This is a very intimate POV sex tape for a private client. Everyone wants to know how we get down when we have some time alone.... here is our amateur POV sex tape! Enjoy the kissing, licking, sucking and creampie. No tricks, no stunts, just over 30 minutes of swapping the camera between two lovers.

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Featuring: King Noire, Jet Setting Jasmine

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Smoke Doctors Final

Smoke Doctor Jet Setting Jasmine has created a new strain called the “Royal Fetish Flower” she wants to test out on her colleague Dr. Noire. The desired effects are uncontrollable sexual desire and euphoria. They roll up, light up and blaze and it doesn’t take long before she is getting Dr. Noire out of his lab coat and blowing smoke on his massive cock. He continues to smoke as she tastes him then puts her up on the counter and begins to lick her juicy clit and kiss her beautiful pussy. She grinds his face then holds his head and cums on his lips.

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Featuring: King Noire, Jet Setting Jasmine

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Red Light Special

King Noire is served a feast. Jet Setting Jasmine & Amaya Gates take turns being turned on lick by lick. Enjoy the POV from two women being appreciated for everything they bring to the table. Directed by: Jet Setting Jasmine

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Featuring: King Noire, Amaya Gates, Jet Setting Jasmine

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Orgasmic Meditation

Jasmine and Loosey spend some time trying a new form of relaxation through orgasmic meditation. Masturbating and moaning over the sound of meditation singing bowls the two friends meet their goal of orgasm. Enjoy this bonding experience with Jasmine and Loosey --relax and let your hands guide you to pleasure.

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Featuring: Loosey Lu, Jet Setting Jasmine

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Orally Yours(Winner of Fetcon 2016 Full Length Feature Film)

King Noire and Jasmine are in their hotel room, sensually kissing. Jasmine has a dress and high heels on, and King has on basketball shorts. Soon, King moves down and kissing her pussy gently, teasing her. He takes out his cock and shows it to her before diving right back into her pussy. King brings her to orgasm and she throws her head back, bracing herself for another round… He teases her pussy for a bit and brings her to orgasm. He now has cum on his chin hair. The two climb into 69 position where she sucks his large cock and he continues to eat her pussy. It is now Jasmine’s turn to pleasure King. She licks his shaft and balls, teasing him. Now it is time to fuck. Jasmine is sitting on a table while King shoves his cock in and pleasures her. This does not last long before King is fucking Jasmine from behind, him holding her ponytail. He cums inside of her and it runs out of her pussy as he continues to fuck her. She cleans up the cum and finishes him off by giving him a blow job…

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Featuring: King Noire

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Sacred Sex

Jasmine & King release their first maternity shoot, Sacred Space, for fans to follow the intimacy and ecstasy between two lovers. King explores Jasmine's body during this time of heightened femininity every position becomes a new experience.

Ebony pregnancy pregnant passion Black love kissing

Featuring: King Noire

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Jasmine Tickles A Handcuffed Honey

Honey Lavender comes ready for Fetish Training with Jet Setting Jasmine. Honey wants to learn new ways to torture her subs, so who better than Jasmine to introduce her to full restraints and a session of tickling. Honey discovers the extent of how ticklish she is and how exhausting uncontrollable laughter can make even the toughest subject. Jasmine enjoys the element of anticipation and varying touch sensations from feather light fingers to jiggling all of Honey's most fleshy and ticklish spots. By the end Honey shares her immediate reaction to tickle torture and bondage and Jasmine certifies her as ready to dish out what she took so well.

Ebony BDSM restraints tickling tickle fetish amature Fetish Training lingerie Latina handcuffs

Featuring: Honey Lavender

play-button 38:11

Dreams Of Somnophilia(Sleep Fetish)

Dreams of Somnophilia It's the holidays! And Jasmine welcomes the rare opportunity to take a break from all that blissful jet setting to finally catch up on some zzzz’s. But King has other plans for Jasmine - and it doesn’t matter that she is asleep. He’s totally turned on by watching past scenes from their sexy escapades together, and more so by his goddess, resting beside him. So he decides to explore one of their latent fetishes: Somnophilia. Even in her sleep, Jasmine’s pussy responds to King’s deep, delicious and familiar fucking in that wet and wonderful way that’s bound to deliver you a roaring screaming orgasm. But shhhh…. Don’t cum too loud, you don’t want to wake Jasmine, do you? Not when she’s having her own tantalizing dreams. The ladies of the Spread make their directorial debut with the extremely erotic ode to black bodies fucking in beautiful silence - well, for the most part.

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Featuring: King Noire

play-button 39:14

On The Edge

Blindfolded. The sting of wax. The sharpness of the blade. Vibrations. His tongue cleans every drop of her wetness and his strokes penetrate every empty space inside of her. Every kink is another prayer to worship her body. She is his only thought as the knife begins to slice the hot wax off of her skin, she trusts him completely. On The Edge stars @jetsettingjasmine & @kingnoire directed by: @bluestarink The scene features blindfolding, wax play, knife play and the Doxy Massager. As Jasmine lets go and lets King, he uses all of these objects to pleasure and edge Jasmine closer and closer to climax. He eats and penetrates her pussy while using the Doxy on both Jasmine and himself showing how sex toys can be used by couples to bring one another to ecstasy. Watch the full scene on The Doxy Massager & Good lube can be purchased on use code JETSET10 for a 10% discount on your purchase. @doxymassager @organicloven @royalfetishfilms Massage Candle by: @belovedbox

Ebony passion Black love body worship knife play edging sex toys vibrators blindfolded candle wax

Featuring: King Noire

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RFF BTS Live Sex Show Hedo

Watch behind the scenes of a Royal Fetish Films Voyeur Experience. Have you ever wanted to be the ultimate voyeur? Filming a porn scene is many people’s fantasy and thanks to Jet Setting Jasmine, King Noire and Royal Fetish Films, it has become a reality. RFF puts the camera and directing in the hands of the audience. What is it you want to see? Shot on location at Hedonism II, listen as the crowd of 30+ people give direction, swap cameras and feed off the sexually charged energy of the room.

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Featuring: King Noire

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XXXposure Therapy: Jasmines Couch w/Mindi Mink

Client Mindi Minks, White Female, Mid 30s, appears alert and oriented x 3. No physical or mental distress observed and or assessed. Client appropriately groomed for setting, ambulating independently and able to make needs know throughout session. Ms. Mink is intrigued by her fetish for light touch, body stroking, and sensual tickling. Mindi has had this fetish for as long as she can remember and wants to understand it's origin and how to keep it in her current sex repertoire for foreplay. Took time walking Mindi down memory lane where we learned just how rewarding these body strokes have always been to her. In this session, Use of role play has empowered her to make her tickle strokes known to her lover. Mindi responds beautifully to having her body touched exactly as she requested. Watching her react sensually to every touch makes her one of my favorite clients. Both client and therapist left the session on the edge!

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Featuring: Mindi Mink

play-button 08:42

XXXposure Therapy Jasmine Strap On w/Lance Hart

Client: Lance Hart Caucasian Male, Alert and Oriented No visible signs of distress noted. Mr. Hart to XXXposure Therapy with therapist Jet Setting Jasmine. Assistance with exploring a new fetish he would like to introduce to his girlfriend, using a strap-on. Lance has some reservations about how he may be judged if he'd even like it and how to bring up the subject. Use of a gentle approach to help Lance get comfortable with the idea of inviting a sex toy into his relationship, by exposing him to a session of role play. Focus on assisting Lance articulate exactly what he'd like to do with his girlfriend and coaches him to perform oral pleasure on his therapist. Lance is filled with pleasure with each lick, suck and stroke of the strap-on. I also derived some pleasure in watching the client advance in his assignment. Taking this idea home and going even further with his girlfriend is the right idea. As with each session the goal is to help clients like Lance reduce their inhibitions and live the exciting sex lives they deserve.

Ebony Goddess Dominatrix Dom/sub sucking dick sensual domination therapy strap on Bi-Male

Featuring: Lance Hart

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Fucking Around With My Personal Trainer-H2O

Jasmine's client Mindi Minx can't stay focused long enough to finish her workout. She goes from making mildly flirtatious comments to charming Jasmine into a full body workout! Watch these two work up a sexy sweat!

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Featuring: Mindi Mink, Jet Setting Jasmine

play-button 33:26

Sucking Into Submission

XXXposure Therapy: Jet Setting Jasmine Client: Angelina Castro Hispanic Female, Alert and Oriented x 3, Verbal and Engaged, Appropriately Dressed/Groomed., No visible signs of distress noted. Ms.Castro statement of problem "I keep having these fantasies and I feel bad about them". Per client these concerning fantasies of being dominated by a couple have been intrusive for the past 2-3 weeks and she is unable to focus on other activities. It appeared to this clinician that Ms. Castro would benefit from a brief guided imagery session. Client was able to quickly relax using circular breathing and calming prompts to explore fantasies. Client was encouraged to visualize being led into a room by a captivating female dominatrix and shortly joined by a male dominant. This therapist introduced the imagery of the two spanking and flogging client on her shoulders, ass and thighs. Therapist continued to walk client into fantasy scene where dominatrix removes male dominants pants to reveal a large dick to clients pleasure. Client begins to please the male dominant by licking and sucking his hard throbbing cock with no inhibitions, all while being spanked and flogged and by the alluring female dominant. The introduction of hot wax dripped across her breasts made client show signs of excitement evidence through increased breathing pattern and pursing of lips. Before ending and bringing Ms. Castro out of her her imagery session, she is asked to imagine the duo introducing a vibrating toy to her genitals. Ms. Castro's response to imagining a forced orgasm caused her to shift in her chair. She was guided back to reality and appeared physically and mentally relieved to fully engage in the imagery. Plan: Ms. Castro will return in one week to discuss techniques to reduce feelings of guilt surrounding sexual fantasies. Will provide client with resources to engage in safe BDSM play, as it is apparent that she benefits. Next week's session to include Kink Coaching treatment plan and brief guided imagery led by client.

Ebony ass worship sucking dick orgasm candle wax big breasts Latina therapy spanking

Featuring: King Noire, Angelina Castro

play-button 11:01

Sanctified & Juicyfied

“When Gods and Goddesses Play, Bodies are Worshiped And Anointed With Oil” -King Noire Body Worship Fetish is any practice of physically revering a part of another person's bodyWorshiping a body can also be done because the worshiper is in awe of the body part and wishes to praise that beauty. Music Used With Permission By: "All You Withhold" @KendalGood "Just One Touch" @NoraSymphony "Dirty" Izreal The Poet & Clinton Barbers Filmed By: Paranmal Productions Direction & Editing By: King Noire

Ebony Black Goddess ass worship sensual body worship oiled up foot fetish

Featuring: King Noire

play-button 10:56

Treats For Jasmine w:Mindi Mink(red couch)

Jasmine comes home to see that her girlfriend, Mindi Mink, has a treat in store for her. Mindi is wearing see through lingerie and Jasmine is wearing a revealing black one piece. Mindi has a food tray and vibrator ready to go. She is ready to explore what makes her girl happy. She has Jasmine tastes a few different foods before finding the one that arouses Jasmine. With this, Mindi takes out her little bullet vibrator and teases Jasmines clit until she orgasms while sucking on her white chocolate.

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Featuring: Mindi Mink

play-button 17:54

Interspecies Alien Breeding

In order to continue her lineage, alien JetSettingJasmine works with the Interspecies Alien Breeding Program to conceive. Specialist Dr. KingNoire has been doing research for years on the alien race, and knows exactly how the reproductive cycle works- 1st is stimulation, which causes the eggs to release. 2nd, the fertilization. Lastly, reinsertion. Together, the doctor and the patient just might be able to breed together. Dr. Noire & Alien Jasmine birthing her Yoni Eggs are your favorite fetishes cum to life! Jet Setting Jasmine & King Noire star in this Paranormal Perversions collaboration!

Ebony BBC cum shot doctor fetish role play sex toys yoni eggs

Featuring: King Noire


Deranged Doctors

After giving his patient away to the nurse, Dr. Noire pays Dr. Jasmine a visit in her examination room. These deranged doctors don't have much time in between patients, so they make the best of it, examining each other with the violet wand and speculum, before getting down and dirty. Dr. Jasmine loves the taste of Dr. Noire's previous patient on his cock, commenting "she tastes nice on you", before making him give her what she be filled in every position. Directed by: Paranormal Perversions

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play-button 14:14

Balloon Baloopers Jasmine & Loosey

Come behind the scenes as Jet Setting Jasmine introduces Loosey Lu to her first looner experience. Watch as they blow and bathe with a variety of balloons in the shower and then with bubbles in the tub. The pops are real and the fear is real!!!

looner balloons bikini Black Asian blowing up balloons popping balloons bubbles laughter BTS

Featuring: Loosey Lu

play-button 01:05:31

Collared In Shadows( Winner 2017 Fetish Con Best Full Length Feature)

King and Jasmine are relaxing in their hotel room. While they unwind at night, King tells Jasmine that he got a request. He wants to put her in a collar for some “light domination. Jasmine agrees. They pick a safe word. He collars her and kisses her neck sensually. He whispers to her and uses the collar to pull her down on her knees and put his hard cock on her face. He toys with her at first, pulling the collar and teasing her with his dick. She stays on her knees with her mouth and eyes wide open until he tells her to suck. He lays her on her back on the hotel room table and fucks her mouth upside down. She moans with her throat full of dick while he pulls her chain collar, then moves to her pussy to lick and tease her more. King spreads her legs wide and licks her slowly until she cums on her back with a chain collar around her neck. After she cums, he teases her, running a red rose all over her body. “Where do you want me…?” She asks. He puts his hard cock back in her mouth, pulls her choke chain, then takes her to the bed to fuck. […to be continued] Directed by: Tyomi Morgan

Ebony BBC collars voyeurism sucking dick licking pussy romance passion Fetish Training sensual domination

Featuring: King Noire

play-button 25:17

An Edible Arrangement

"Apprehension, excitement, fear, curiosity flowed from my pores. My hand gripped the camera so thight it began to hurt. What if I did it wrong? What if they didn't like it? What if I liked it...too much?? A few deep breaths, a drink of water, a long slow turn of my head to survey the beauty around me. One...more...deep...breath...okay go! As I moved around their bodies, in their space but ever the silent partner, I watched, I zoomed in, I got closer....WHOA, not too close. I felt myself sweating but becoming one with the camera, with the scene, with them. This was my first time and I think...I LIKED IT!!!! It's amazing to see what all of those emotions produced!" -Primrose Wallace Jet Setting Jasmine hosts Fantasy Flight Parties featuring Erotic Touch with King Noire all over the world, she also loves to indulge in the experience herself. Poolside King has the Sundae Plus Package all set up for her- Chocolate, Strawberries, Mango, Coconut Oil and of course his strong hands and stiff dick. He starts dripping oil onto her mahogony skin with the breeze and Florida sun assisting his massage techniques and instructions for her to let go and relax. He works out her knots with precision and passion, he feeds her strawberries and tastes chocolate off of her back, legs and ass then he proceeds to roll her over and feast on her until she climaxes all over his lips.

Ebony Goddess licking pussy romance Erotic Touch massage outdoors sensual body worship

Featuring: King Noire

play-button 15:53

Invitation For A Voyeur

King & Jasmine have suspected their new neighbor has been checking them out and possibly even watching them fuck. They decide to leave the door unlocked just in case they catch her outside tonight so they can invite her up for a closer look and a chance to fully immerse herself into her voyeur fantasy. Cum Watch!

Ebony BBC voyeurism sucking dick cum shot passion Black love

Featuring: King Noire